Twapa is the adopted sibling of Erin and Mara.
Kind of a know-it-all. Likes science. Dislikes ignorance.

Erin is the adopted sister of Twapa and Mara.
Plays the guitar. Likes soccer and 80s movies.

Mara von Snitter is the adopted sister of Erin and Twapa.
She is very artistic. Wants to be a cartoonist. Plays the drums.

Ciaran is best friends with Mara.
He likes to wear black and plays the keyboard.
Secretly likes shoujo manga.

Xe has no memory of the past.
Favorite color is purple.
Mostly harmless???

Fiar von Snitter is Mara's cousin.
He has traveled all over the world.
In theory he runs a company (but would rather play video games instead).

Misha is Fiar's bodyguard and best friend.
He doesn't talk much.
Communicates best through long emails.

Axis is Idria's sibling/assistant.
Has a prosthetic arm and doesn't afraid of anything.
Looks suspiciously similar to Twapa...

Idria is a mysterious badass.
She smokes cigarettes which is an unhealthy habit
that people in the real world should avoid. Don't smoke, kids!

Ampersand is an Ambaian student.
Kind of quiet and angsty.
Has the ability to heal injuries using "psychic" energy. Cool!

Phasia is an Ambaian student.
Always tries to be kind and helpful.
Maybe a little TOO much, sometimes.

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