Comics I read! (Under construction)

Prince of Cats - (Completed) - Queer teens growing up in a small town - with cats.
Happle Tea - Delightfully witty and insightful humor comics about mythology and monsters!
Transfusions - Warm and charming vampire romance.
O Human Star - Beautiful story about robots, romance, and family.
City of Cards - Long-running dystopian future sci-fi featuring queer characters with plenty of secrets.
Eth's Skin - Mermaids, selkies, and a nonbinary main character on the shores and bays of British Columbia.
Elan Meets Rafa - A slice-of-life gay romance, very artistically rendered!
Gran Grimoire - Fantasy - currently under renovation.
Extra Ordinary - Slice of life... if your life is Extra-Ordinary!
Starfighter (18+!) - GAY IN SPAAAACE....
Spindrift - Beautiful Fantasy comic!
Battle Dog - Adorable!
JL8 - The Justice League characters as school kids!
Look Straight Ahead (completed) - A beautiful and sometimes difficult story about mental illness.
On The Bus - Quirky humor!
Winters in Lavelle - Epic fantasy with great characters.
Paracite Knights - A team battles crystal monsters!
Two Moons - Mysterious!
As The Crow Flies - Queer teens on an all-girl camping trip, luxuriously illustrated in colored pencil!
Cans of Beans - Werewolf bromance!
Little Guardians - Village kids fight monsters - badly.
The Less Than Epic Adventure of TJ and Amal (Completed - sometimes NSFW!) - Road trip!
The Boy in Pink Earmuffs - SO CUTE.
Super Mahou - Magical Girls! (Completed)
Supercakes - Super-powered girlfriends!
Captain Quail - Star Trek, but with BIRDS! : D
Cucumber Quest - Beautiful, hilarious fantasy. So good!
Check, Please! - Hockey boyfriends!
GastroPhobia - Goofy humor adventures in a bronze age setting!
Shamsee - A hapless scoundrel trying to get some money!
Rasputin Catamite A "slice-of-life slasher comic about horrid Soviet citizens." (NSFW/Mature Audiences!)
Threads From The Blue Rock Tapestry - Slice-of-life meets fantasy with a multicultural cast!
Amara Full-on fantasy with rich worldbuilding and fascinating characters!
The Black Mudpuppy - A sassy Aztec God is turned into a Salamander and must perform good deeds to redeem himself... And save the world!
Full Circle - Gorgeous fantasy comic with rich worldbuilding and engaging characters.
Sombulus - World-hopping fantasy with great characters and worldbuilding! Fans of TU will definitely like this one! XD
Feral Gentry - Visually delightful fantasy about modern-day fairies, many panels are animated. Gorgeous!
Sprinkles - Totally True Real Life Comics. ;)

Just read everything on this list, okay: 51 of the awesomest webcomics

Friends, blogs, etc!

Geeking In Indiana
Cloudy Sky Comics

Other Comics by Me

  • Untitled! - began in 2000 when I was 15 years old, ended in 2007. If you just want the gist of it, there is a reader's guide. Needless to say, I was a different person back then, but this comic did occupy 7 years of my life, so, I guess it'll always be a part of me.
    CONTENT WARNING: Depression, suicide attempt, gun violence, religious sermonizing.

  • DEEPS - A one-shot sci-fi comic I drew in 30 days during March of 2010. It's about the crew of a deep-sea vessel.
    You can also Download as a PDF (33 pages, b&w)

  • Otherwood - A lonely teen discovers that the birds can speak, and soon becomes drawn into a quest to restore balance in a magical world called OTHERWOOD. Available to purchase as a .PDF Download or as a print edition.

  • SK8BIRD - Mini-comic about a cool bird that rides a skateboard. Available for purchase as a .PDF Download or as a print edition.

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