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GET TU BOOKS AND MERCH!!! Shop is now open!

HEY! Indiana Comic Con was a great success! Thanks to everyone who came to our table!

I've opened up a STORENVY SHOP! http://gpike.storenvy.com/ - I have about 10 copies of the Title Unrelated volume 1 book available now - and unlimited supplies of BUTTONS and the MINI COMIC! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!
Volume 1 contains the prologue + chapter 1 of the comic and is 85 pages in GLORIOUS EXTRA COLOR. The mini comic has some cute scenes about Xe and Keer that didn't make it into chapter 1.
Buttons are $10 for a set of 7. They're high-quality printing and made with my own two hands (and the help of my button-making machine, heh)!

A book of Chapter 2 will probably be available in a few months. If you're interested, donations to the cause are always welcome!

Speaking of Donations, Please check out my Patreon campaign: http://www.patreon.com/gpike - You can pledge a small amount to support the comic each month. I only have one subscriber so far, so if you enjoy the comic please consider supporting us! : D

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone's enjoying Chapter 3 - I'm so excited about the future of Title Unrelated!

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