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Title Unrelated Chapter Break - GUEST ART WANTED!

Hello to all my fine readers! Did you know that Chapter 3 of Title Unrelated is almost over? Starting in November I’m going to take a much-needed break for a few months while I prepare to start on Chapter 4!

During that time it’d be great if I had some stuff to post, and what better way to fill a gap than with guest art!

I’m looking for Fanart, Short stories/comics, crafts, or whatever else you do best - the only requirements are:

- It must be related to Title Unrelated and/or the characters therein. (AUs/what-ifs are fine though! Get creative! You wanna draw my characters as birds/robots/types of cheese? Go for it!)

- It must be rated PG-13 or below

If you have any questions about character or world specifics that haven’t been answered in the comic so far, please feel free to ask me!
And don’t worry about spaces filling up - there will be PLENTY of time to run everyone’s art, and I don’t anticipate being flooded with submissions anyway.

What do you get in return?

- Credit on the main TU site/tumblog and a link to your site/blog/whatever

- PRIZES??? It’s not really a contest but I plan on coming up with something cool to reward everyone who submits something!


- Email your work to: gloriapike(AT)gmail(DOT)com

- Please try to make sure all image files are appropriately resized for web viewing - try to keep it below 1280px on the longest side. I can resize images if I need to, of course.

- Be sure to include the NAME you want credit under, and any link(s) to your site or blog (please specify if your site/blog contains NSFW stuff so that I can mark it as such!)

I’ll try to let you know when your piece is going to run so you can brag about it! ; )

If I’ve forgotten anything please let me know! Thanks in advance!

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