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Happy New Year/Chapter Zero!

I hope everyone had a good holiday season! Here's some updates:

Guest art will still be running throughout January! Thanks so much to everyone who sent stuff in!

Title Unrelated Chapter 4 - begins in February! Get excited!

Title Unrelated Chapter 0 - BEGINS THIS MONTH ON PATREON!
- If you are not already a subscriber, now would be a great time to join in because I'm going to start posting pages of Chapter Zero! This is a bonus chapter about Fiar and Misha that will be available in the future as a paid download once it is completed! But if you want to read it as it's being drawn, the only way to do that right now is by becoming a contributor!
By the way, on my Patreon I also post other goodies like exclusive sketches and in-progress art previews! So you get the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting me in my art career, AND lots of free bonus goodies!
So if you can, please consider becoming a patron! Click here: http://www.patreon.com/gpike

I'm updating my list of upcoming conventions, so if you wanna snag some merch or artwork from me in person (or just say hi and chat about comics or birds or w/ever!), you'll know where to go! :D

Thanks for Reading!

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