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Happy New Year + Status Update

Hope everyone had a good winter holiday season!

By way of keeping y'all updated here's what's up with me and the comic:

- I've had a repetitive stress injury in my hands since September, making drawing (specifically inking) a bit slow lately. I am getting better, but I had to really cut back on stuff for a bit there.

- I spent the 2nd half of 2015 struggling with depression again - I've had my meds adjusted and am doing better now, though!

- A few weeks ago my external hard drive had a massive failure. Due to being busy/depressed I, much to my chagrin, had not done a proper backup of my files in several months, and a lot of important files were lost. I sent the drive to a recovery place and they're going to get a lot of the data back, but there may be some .psd files for the comic that I can't get back. C'est la vie, it's my fault for not being diligent with backups. >_<

- I currently expect Title Unrelated to resume updating sometime in February, barring any further disasters!
In the meantime, if you support me on Patreon or Gumroad you can get art updates and side comics I'm working on! Also be sure to follow me on Tumblr!

Thanks for reading, and thank you all for your patience!

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